The fist Idolvese NFT project Zero48 will be on Element Ethereum LaunchPad🚀 on Jan 12 8pm(SGT)!

Zero48 NFT is created directly for Meet48 fans.It consists of 8848 virtual idols NFT for the community to use. It will extend users’ virtual alter egos in the Meet48 meta-universe through rich IP images from the anime episodes.
Several female idols and groups have joined the community, including Chinese singer KIKI Xu Jiaqi and SNH48, a large Chinese youth girl group.

🎉From now until tomorrow 8am(SGT),any address that has traded(buy only) on the Element Ethereum Market will automatically qualify for Zero48 Whitelist.

Mint Rule

Total: 8848
Mint Price: 0.048E
Data: Jan. 12
8pm~9pm(SGT): WhiteList
9pm~10pm(SGT): AllowList
10pm~ sold out: Public

Project Introduction

MEET48 is the world’s first open idol metaverse city, consisting of a complete social economy system called METAFI, which creates a web3 community with extremely high user stickiness by enhancing the interaction and feedback between fans and idols.
MEET48 is a 3D metaverse version of tiktok, PGC and UGC at the same time to promote the ecological economic cycle, combined with VR, AR has more realistic visual effects, while fans can participate in celebrity concerts closer to their favorite idol stars without leaving home, and they can also publish content to earn revenue and share the benefits of WEB3 fan economy.

Reward Rule

  1. 1.
    Top 3 Zero48 NFT listing amount address.
  2. 2.
    Top 3 Zero48 trades times (purchaser's address only) address.
  3. 3.
    Top 3 Zero48 trades volume (purchaser's address only) address.
  4. 4.
    The above addresses will receive an equal share of 5000 ELE token.
  5. 5.
    Prizes will be awarded within one week of the end of the campaign.