Install and connect your wallet

Want to start your NFT collection? The first thing you need is an encrypted wallet

Which crypto wallets can I use in Element?

Just as there are many banks and credit cards, there are many different crypto wallet providers to choose from. They all have the same functionality, but each service provider has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Element supports multiple crypto wallets. Here is a complete list of crypto wallets that can be used on Element.

If you want, you can experiment with a few different crypto wallets to determine which one is best for you, but if you're primarily using it on consoles, many users opt for MetaMask.

Install MetaMask

Select your device below and find a link that suits you.

  • Apple

Click here to download MetaMask for iOS

  • Android

Click here to download MetaMask for Android

  • Desktop

Click here to download MetaMask for Desktop (Chrome)

Once the application/extension has been installed, follow the instructions within the wallet to create a new cryptocurrency wallet.

Connect your wallet

1、You can see the icon of the Connect wallet in the upper right corner of any page

2、Next select the wallet you want to connect to (Metamask, Coinbase or Walletconnect).

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