Product Updates For 2022/10/15

New features:

  1. Added the trending/top list, added the 7-day trend chart, listings, sales volume, and the percentage change of buyers

  2. Added mints (beta) list, real-time capture of the network's hot mint collections

Function optimization:

  1. Optimized the underlying code, greatly optimized the network, and increased the website interaction speed and webpage opening speed by more than 30%

  2. Optimized the cross-market listing process, greatly reduced the problem of failure caused by not timely update of royalty when listing opensea, and improved the success rate

Bug fixed:

  1. On the Personal/Collection editing screen, add xss security check to the input content, and fix the problem that the email cannot be reset

  2. Fixed an issue where the Collection details page - transaction history filter was sometimes not valid

  3. Fixed an issue where the card list was sometimes empty on the personal account page

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