Element x .bit 4D/5D NFT Rewards Event

Event Time(UTC+8):

October 8 20:00~October 22 24:00, 2 weeks

Reward recipients:

Trading addresses of .bit 4D and 5D NFT traded on Element platform

Reward mechanism:

100 addresses will be randomly selected every 3 days based on transaction volume to share the prize pool!

Element provides 20000 $ELE tokens per week, .bit provides the equivalent value of CKB tokens (about $2000), as the weekly prize pool.


  • The winning trading address will be announced in element discord(discord.gg/elementmarket).

  • If the number of addresses eligible for the prize exceeds 2000 in the first 3 days, the prize pool will be doubled automatically.

  • This is an additional bonus for .bit's 4D and 5D listing and trading on Element only, the original Element Storm bonus mechanism will not be changed.

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