Element BTC Ordinals Market (beta) Live Now!

Welcome to the Element BTC Market, where you can explore exciting product experiences with us!

1、Bulk Purchase:

Buy multiple NFTs in one click to improve trading efficiency.

❗️Note:Currently, only Element market's own listing items are supported.

2、Bulk Listing:

Quickly list multiple NFT assets in one time to enhance listing efficiency.

3、Bulk Transfer:

Transfer multiple NFT assets at once to improve transfer efficiency.

4、Real-Time Launchpad:

Provide comprehensive support for creators. Eliminating creators mint NFTs before the sale. At the same time, enable users to participate in BTC NFT minting from the very beginning, promoting fairness.

Creator Launchpad application : https://forms.gle/CadUc8eYTsZ7rXRy6

5、First-time Purchase without UTXO Conversion:

UTXO stands for Unspent Transaction Output. Element simplifies the user process, making it easy to embark on their first NFT purchasing journey.

6、Domain Collection Attribute Filtering:

Offer customized services for each domain name collection, allowing users to easily filter and browse domain names with specific attributes, such as .btc, .sats, .x, etc.


Quickly engrave your exclusive inscriptions.

8、BTC and EVM Wallet Address Binding:

Element personal account supports the binding of personal EVM and BTC wallet addresses, making it easier for users to manage multi-chain assets.

9、Real-Time Trading Rankings:

Provide real-time transaction data rankings across the full chain.

10、Support for 3000+ BTC Collections:

Integrate resources from multiple platforms, supporting queries, displays, and transactions for over 3000 BTC collections.

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