Product Updates For 2023/10/13

  1. New Feature: Introduction of the Scroll Chain on the Element platform, expanding the range of supported blockchain networks.

  2. Optimization: Increased the target order limit for batch purchases of ERC1155 from 40 to 300, enabling users to buy a larger quantity of NFTs in a single transaction.

  3. Optimization: For ERC1155 NFTs, during listing/offer, the floor price is now determined by the individual NFT's floor price, eliminating the use of collection floor prices.

  4. Optimization: Under the user's profile avatar dropdown, if the user is not signed in, the "My Rewards" display appears as a refresh button. Clicking it prompts a sign-in, reducing the frequency of wallet signature pop-ups.

  5. Optimization: In the Launchpad, when connected but not signed in, a new button state "Link Wallet" is added to address user confusion about whitelist visibility without signing.

  6. Optimization: Collection page - Data Analysis, for collections created within the last 5 days, the interval is set to 5 minutes (5m); default interval for others remains 1 hour (1H).

  7. Optimization: Collection Item/Personal Transaction History pages feature timestamp abbreviations in English to save UI space: seconds->S, minutes->m, day->d, month->mo, year->y.

  8. Optimization: Added additional fixed translation configurations for the Vietnamese language.

  9. Bug: In the H5 version of the leaderboard, modified the description from "Avg Price" to "Floor Price."

  10. Bug: Placing an item on the transaction history page for one hour caused the page to crash, rendering clicks ineffective.

  11. Bug: In Explore-Collections, the collection list page now displays all collections instead of only verified ones, addressing the scarcity of certified collections on certain chains.

  12. Optimization: Minor adjustments to UI size and column width in Collection Page Cards/Collection/Personal Transaction History to adapt to smaller screens like 13-inch.

  13. Optimization: In the web/H5 personal wallet page, removed the "Not On Sale" option from the Status filter box.

  14. Optimization: In new feature pop-ups with a "Learn More" button, the button is now green, while "Got it" remains white.

  15. Optimization: On the ERC1155 purchase interface, during loading requests, the 'max' value is now displayed as a flashing skeleton graphic instead of the default 200.

  16. Bug: The leaderboard area's node cache on the homepage was not effective; each major refresh resulted in a CollectionHighRanking request.

  17. Bug: Fixed a crash on the ERC1155 details page when selecting the quantity while the backend loading was in progress after clicking "Buy Now."

  18. Bug: Fixed the comparison of Listing/Offer input prices below the floor price, addressing decimal point precision.

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