Hi, Starks!

Explore Starknet with us! We together with the 4 most popular projects on Starknet, to present you with this on-chain campaign with fun!

The Starks are the final winner family of the TV serial “The Game of Thrones”, and also a cute name of the “Starknet users”, so we name this event as “Hi, Starks!”. The winner‘s prize will be designed as a crown NFT! We call the campaign as: the Way to the King.

“Hi, Starks!” is hosted by Element, Starknet ID, LayerSwap and Briq. As Long as you finish one of the project’s tasks, you will get one precious gem NFT, and if you collect all 4 gem NFTs, you will be eligible to get the “Stark’s Crown” NFT as the big prize voucher to share the final rewards pool!

How to participate?

  1. Finish tasks on Starknet Quest.

2. Collect all the Gem NFTs.

  • There would be 4 different Gem NFTs in total. You can choose to finish all the tasks to collect, or you can directly buy it on the secondary market to collect them all.

3. Claim the Crown NFT!

  • Only the Starks who collected all the 4 Gem NFTs could be eligible to mint the Crown NFT! The mint link would be announced on Element Twitter later.

So who are the dear co-host partners? Well, all of them are the most famous ones under their track. Let’s meet them!

1. One of the largest cross-chain Swap on Starknet: LayerSwap

2. One of the largest NFT marketplace on Starknet: Element

3. One of the largest domain name service on Starknet: Starknet.id

4. One of the largest NFT project on Starknet: Briq


  1. Event Time: Oct.27 — Nov.9

  2. Stark’s Crown NFT Mint Day: Nov.15— Nov.20

For any updates, please keep following Element Official Twitter!

The final reward pool of “Stark’s Crown” NFT!

The final Crown NFT would be empowered by all the host projects, and you may get:

  1. 50% potential airdrops of Element received from Starknet(Equal Share);

  2. A certain amount of $ELE (not-alive) airdrop from Element(Equal Share);

  3. 20 * Rare Domains from Starknet.id; (Lucky Draw)

  4. 20 * 0.05 ETH from LayerSwap; (Lucky Draw)

  5. 1000 * Briqs from Briq; (Lucky Draw)

Welcome to join the King’s fight!

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