The security of the Element protocol is our highest priority, our dev team, alongside third-party auditors has invested considerable effort to create a protocol that we believe is safe and dependable. All contract code are publicly verifiable.

Audit report

Element engaged Certik to undertake a security audit of the following contracts, libraries, and interfaces:

  • ERC721OrdersFeature

  • NFTOrders

  • IERC721OrdersFeature

  • LibNFTOrder

  • LibSignature

  • LibCommonNFTOrdersStorage

  • LibERC721OrdersStorage

  • LibStorage

  • FixinEIP712

  • FixinERC721Spender

  • FixinTokenSpender

  • IEtherToken

  • IFeeRecipient

  • IPropertyValidator

  • ITakerCallback

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Last updated 2 years ago