Product Updates For 2023/10/20

  1. New Feature: Manta Pacific Chain is now live, offering an extended blockchain experience.

  2. New Feature: Implemented a daily limit of 3000 listings per user address to counteract spam orders from automated systems.

  3. New Feature: Introduced Private Sales with a maximum validity period of 3 days, addressing concerns related to prolonged periods of low-priced listings.

  4. New Feature: During listing, if a lower-priced order for an NFT (ERC721) is detected, users are prompted to adjust their prices to avoid potential losses.

  5. Bug: Viewing other users' accounts with ERC1155 NFTs does not currently display the NFT quantity badge.

  6. Bug: Fixed occasional issues during rapid opening of the listing/batch listing interface, preventing the retrieval of platform fees and royalties, resulting in listing failures.

  7. Bug: Resolved a problem where, after switching from Chain A to Chain B on the homepage, the leaderboard still displayed Chain A rankings.

  8. Bug: For Launchpad list page banners, the mint end is not automatically displayed after the project ends.

  9. Bug: When closing the right-side avatar bar, if the ETH-WETH Swap interface is open, it also closes.

  10. Optimization: After Mint End in Launchpad, the progress bar is not forcefully set to 100% unless Sold Out.

  11. Optimization: In case of errors in fetching exchange rates via API, cached rates are utilized to prevent disruption to listing/offer/purchase operations.

  12. Optimization: If there is an error with the platform fee interface, the fee from the local configuration file is used to proceed with the listing.

  13. Optimization: Added recognition for trading addresses and icons of third-party markets on 5 additional chains, including BSC, ZKSync, Manta, etc.

  14. Optimization: For bulk unlisting, target markets awaiting unlisting are differentiated based on characteristics of different chains.

  15. Optimization: Increased decimal precision for floor prices on the leaderboard, providing a more accurate display.

  16. Optimization: Enabled caching for OPTIONS requests, resulting in a 35% speed improvement for various API accesses.

  17. Optimization: The chain dropdown in the top right corner is now presented in two columns to accommodate numerous chains, especially on smaller screens.

  18. Optimization: To expedite NFT meta download speed, non-essential items refrain from image downloading, directly using the original URL.

  19. Optimization: Increased the height of the order/offer list area on item details pages by 1/3 rows to indicate scrollability.

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