How to buy NFTS

Start buying your first NFTS

  1. First you need to choose the network.

2 Enter the contract address or name of the NFT project you want to purchase in the search box (It is best to use a contract address search)

Enter the NFT page as shown in the picture below, open Buy Now on the left, click the NFT you want to buy, and easily add it to the shopping cart, realizing bulk purchase with only one gas fee.

Select Pay and follow the instructions in your wallet. Once the transaction is completed, the item will be transferred to your wallet and the seller will receive the funds.

Element has optimized its contract to cost less GAS than other platforms for the same price of GAS. The more expensive GAS is, the more money it will save.

Element also has a lightning purchase feature. Place the mouse over the NFT you want to buy, the lightning purchase sign ⚡️ will appear at the bottom of the item, click to quickly buy.

If you want to see NFTS in your wallet, go back to your profile and select "My NFTs".

Keep in mind that due to transaction processing time, there may be a little delay before you see it.

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