Element welcomes all kinds of qualified collections to do collaborations, let's see what kind of support you can get from us.

1. The first step, please choose what kind of collaboration you need, we provide:

  • Launchpad: for new collections who are seeking first-hand help from the mint stage;

  • Verified Collection: collections that need be verified by Element;

  • Verified Creator: mainly for art or IP-related collections, we need to test the authenticity of the copyright and creator;

2. If you looking for the "Launchpad" support

Firstly, you have to fill out the application:

Note: It will take 7 days for the valuation, and please wait for the operating team connection if it is possible.

For more details, you can read more here:

pageElement Launchpad Supports

3. If you looking for the "Verified" support

1) Go to set the collection description first on Element here;

2) If you have any trouble doing so, here is another way, the application form for the manual set here;

3) After finishing the self-listing, you need to apply for verification here:

pageElement Verification Service

4. If you need 'Verified Creator" support

The verified creator is open to talent creators and IP-related collections who need to be verified by Element, we designed a special group of all our verified creators' collections here:

If you want to join, here is the support we can provide with the application here:

pageElement Verified Creator Application

5. Any others

All the applications should be dealt with within one week. For any queries, please contact our official email: @elementofficial2021.

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