Product Updates For 2022/09/09

New features:

  1. Added the watchlist, you can collect your favorite collection, quickly find your collection

  2. Added a warning for wide-body NFT characters in the Space ID collection to avoid buying fishing collectibles

  3. The user name is displayed on the invitation page

  4. In BNB market, the new version of shopping cart contract has been updated to save gas in bulk purchase

  5. On the Transaction History page - added a display showing listings/quotes events

Product optimization:

  1. Optimized the speed of obtaining wallet balance in the offer interface

  2. Optimized the experience of SpaceID collection attribute classification, screening, and ranking

  3. Optimized left-right sliding of collections on some mobile browsers

  4. Optimized the automatic link logic of wallet, and made corresponding adjustments to the wallet plug-in environment of mobile terminal and PC

  5. Optimized the interactive experience of personal wallet page-batch shelving and transfer, and added the card selection area

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