Contract Overview

Contract Overview

Element V2 is a decentralized NFT marketplace protocol, We try to design a gas-optimized solution with the most NFT swap features. It inherited a groundbreaking modular architectural from 0x V4, we add more new feature for buy/sell NFTs, spend countless hours optimizing the protocol to be the most gas-optimized protocol.



Every action in a decentralized network cost gas, especially in Ethereum gas is very expensive. We do a lot of code optimization and architecture adjustment for gas optimization, and achieved significant results.


  • 55% cheaper than OpenSea

  • 49% cheaper than LooksRare


  • 78% cheaper than tofuNFT

  • 57% cheaper than NFTrade

[Test case] one fee, two fee, zero fee

New Features

To bring better liquidity for NFT buyer and seller, many new features have been added to Element V2:

  • Collection Offer

  • Instant royalties for creator

  • Mixed Payment with ETH + WETH

  • Multi Cancellation - cancel all active orders in one transaction

  • English Auction

  • Dutch Auction

  • Scheduled Listing

Upcoming Features

Some advanced features have been added to the roadmap

  • Property Offer - buy an NFT with specified property in a collection

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