Product Updates For 2023/11/3

  1. Bug Fix: Resolved the issue in the third-party library code where it mistakenly accessed IP, device ID, and related information.

  2. Bug Fix: Fixed the absence of market icons in the ProTrade column of the Collection's trading history.

  3. Bug Fix: Addressed the problem where the NFT menu on another user's wallet page also displayed the listing menu.

  4. Optimization: In the left sidebar of the personal wallet page, Listed Floor Value is now displayed in two columns for improved presentation.

  5. Optimization: Reduced WebSocket message volume on the Collection page's Activity feed by subscribing only to selected event types.

  6. Optimization: Added specific error messages for purchase errors on the Starknet chain.

  7. Optimization: Reduced the homepage/ranking page automatic refresh frequency to every 1 minute.

  8. Optimization: Save UI space by changing the "Buy Now" button to simply "Buy" on the right side of the item details page for orders.

  9. Optimization: Resolved the layout overlap issue in the From, To columns of the transaction history page caused by long names.

  10. Optimization: When switching from the Collection page to the background, WebSocket processing is paused, resuming upon return to reduce unnecessary updates.

  11. New Feature: Collection transaction history now supports displaying dual market icons, indicating transactions between aggregator markets and trading markets.

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