How do I create an Element account?

Quickly and easily create an account on Element to start buying and selling NFTs by following the steps below.

You'll need digital currency, a crypto wallet, and an Element account to start buying or selling NFTs using Element. Let's get started!

1. Digital Currency (ETH)

The most popular blockchain for NFTs is Ethereum. You can get ETH, the digital currency that fuels transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, from a digital currency exchange like Coinbase. You will need ETH to "mint" an NFT, purchase an NFT, and for gas fees to complete transactions. (Gas fees are paid to the miners that support the Ethereum network.)

Once you've established the best way to obtain ETH in your region, you'll need a crypto wallet to interact with the blockchain and web3 sites like Element.

2. Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, stores your ETH and processes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. A unique wallet address will be generated for you, and you'll use this address to complete transactions.

pageInstall and connect your wallet

Why do I need a wallet before buying and selling on Element?

Element is a tool you use to interact with the blockchain. We never take possession of your items or store your NFTs. Instead, we provide a system for peer-to-peer exchanges. Since you’ll be using Element to interact directly with others on the blockchain, you’ll need a wallet to help you turn your actions in the browser into transactions on the blockchain.

3) Element

Let's connect your wallet to Element and edit your profile so you're ready to begin interacting on our platform.

pageCreate your profile

Now you can customize your bio, email address, profile photo, and more.

Now you're all set! If you're having trouble checking your NFTS, make sure your wallet is connected correctly. Element is a channel that connects to your wallet and showcases all your cool NFTS. Element doesn't store your digital assets, it's just a fun place to buy, sell, create and trade NFTS.

Have fun buying, trading, and selling NFTS on Element!

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