Element Verification Service

Element is providing kinds of collection services for NFT projects to help you promote with over 1m+ trading users on 11 blockchains, welcome to have a read!

Accelerated Verified

“Collection verification“ brings greater trust to the NFT ecosystem by helping the community identify authentic creators and identify that the content belongs to them.

A blue checkmark badge on a collection means the collection belongs to a verified account and has significant interest or sales.

Minimum requirements to apply for verification & badging

Accounts that own one or more collections with at least 50 ETH of volume sold (or equivalent, 0 trading fee are not calculated in) and meet other criteria like minimum activity levels and social presence are eligible to apply for verification. Applying for account verification will also send any eligible collections for badge review. Creators don’t need to separately apply for account verification and collection badging. Here is the link for apply:


If you want to do an acceleration for verification & badging

We provide an acceleration plan for collections who want to be verified before the trading volume meets the minimum trading volume, while under the circumstances that the team/creator, investors, and the project background, etc, is being verified to be real. And here is the service charge.

If you want to apply for this acceleration, please finish the application first:


and then, contact @Yony_Dawn (https://t.me/Yony_Dawn) on Telegram.

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