Brand & Logo

Element brand, logo and usage in the increasingly competitive NFT trading market, the correct use and management of the company's brand logo with unified standards will provide us with a more effective, clearer and more friendly market image.

Icon application

As a diversified market, element's icons are very open to users and partners. We encourage creators to create art and commercial cooperation based on our icons.

How to use

  1. You can use our icons to create art derivatives, but you should indicate the source.

  2. Conduct business cooperation and display the element icon in different channels with our permission to show the cooperation relationship with our official

You can't

  1. If the source is not specified, we will make art derivatives with our brand logo for sale.

  2. Without official permission, use our brand icon assets for publicity, suggesting a cooperative relationship with us.

  3. Use our brand assets (icons and names) to create products that have a competitive relationship or conflict with us, such as the element icon with the same yellow background, or create a market named elementnft Market

Download icon files here

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