Element Invitation Rebate Program 1.0

Invite friends to firstly experience Element and enjoy up to 50% of the transaction rebate of ELE tokens. In addition, friends can also get super high gas subsidies through the invitation link.

1. Why Element?

Element is the first community-driven aggregated marketplace, built to save time and money. Users get access to the best liquidity, lowest transaction costs, and most efficient trading functions.

  • 🤝 Optimized Smart Contracts + Bulk Order/Cancel = Gas Savings Up To 49%

  • 👍 Liquidity Aggregation + Cross Marketplace Listings = True Liquidity

  • 😄 Low Marketplace Fees + Trading Rewards = Low Trading Costs

  • 🎉 Collection Offers + Mixed Currency/Rarity Rank = Powerful Toolkits

  • ⚡️ Royalty payments made at the moment of sale = Creators get paid instantly

2. What is the Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0?

The Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0 is an invitation rebate activity specially made for KOLs. After applying to join the Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0, share the invitation link with your friends and invite them to participate in the transaction activites. You can get high bonuses and up to 50% rebates.

3. How to join the Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0?

If you meet the following conditions, you can apply to join the Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0.

1) Community Influencers

  • Social media KOL, such as twitter big V (more than 3000 fans), YouTube / Facebook and other social software Masters

  • Large positions of NFT blue chip assets

  • Cryptocurrency industry opinion leader

2) Community Volunteers

  • Administrator or organizer of wechat, TG, discord and FB

  • Blue chip asset community administrator

3) Organization / Project

  • Wallet

  • Market analysis platform (daily UV 1000 or above)

  • Collection project

4) Analyst / Alpha community

  • Experienced NFT Player

  • Transaction scale: above 10eth

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNaJTrJCcDjcRMP4scPYvcgLZWK47trMRhNS3m7hOi01o9KA/viewform?usp=sf_link

4. How is the referral reward calculated?

Invite friends to trade, and you can get trading rewards. As the trading volume of friends increases, the invitation level will also be upgraded; After upgrading, the reward for each transaction will also increase.

Remarks: Only on Ethereum market

5. What rewards can the invitees get?

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

Gas fee rebates is modified to: 5 ELE rebates for individual own market transaction,

2 ELE for aggregate transaction, and 50 ELE cap for single transaction

Valid until 22.11.5

6. What are the invitation rewards?

Invitation reward includes: account opening reward and transaction rebate;

  • Account opening reward: if your invited friends trade with element for the first time (whether aggregated or self owned), you can get an account opening reward.

  • Transaction rebate: when you invite friends to buy NFT in element's own market, they will rebate according to the amount of each transaction; When you purchase opensea or other markets through aggregation, you will also get rewards

7. Calculation of invitation reward and invitation level

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

The invitees get a percentage rebate according to their level. The higher the level, the higher the percentage of rebate.






Rebate ratio






According to the reward obtained by the buyer, the rebate will be proportionate. The higher the level, the richer the rebate will be

LevelRebate ProportionInvite Reward(ELE)Upgrade standard (ETH)






















User a invites user B to purchase an NFT with a pending order in the element market at a price of 1 eth, and user B can get a trading reward of 25ele.

If user a's level is gold, user a can get 50% of user B's reward, which is 12.5 ele.

8. What should be paid attention to when joining the element KOL convening plan?

  1. Do not conduct any cheating and brushing. If it is found, the KOL convening plan will be disqualified

  2. Any private transaction will not be recognized. If it is found, the KOL convening plan will be disqualified

  3. If it is found that the cooperative KOL has any damage and slander to element, it will be canceled and the KOL convening plan will be disqualified, and the award of KOL convening plan will no longer be issued, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

  • Publish false information and negative comments about element on social media

  • Slander element on social media

  • Element has the right and reserves all laws and responsibilities

9. When will the Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0 close?

The first phase of Element Referral Rebate Plan 1.0 will end on October 24, 2022, but the invitation rebate reward is permanently valid.

10. If you have other questions, you can contact us through the following contact information


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