Tutorial for how to set collection profile and royalty

This tutorial is for creators who need to fulfill their collection description and also royalty. First of all, you have to be the collection owner.

1. Connect your wallet: it has to be the “Smart Contract owner's address".

2. Click the "My Profile" button at the top right, and choose "My Collections" option.

3. Enter your collection page, and you can edit the information about your collection, including:

  • name (with 4-320 characters);

  • introduction;

  • category;

  • royalties (0-5%);

  • descriptions;

  • collection banner (support PNG、JPEG、JPG, better to be size of 600 × 400px,within 3M)

  • link (Website, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Medium);

  • collaborated address (which could help you to modify your collection settings, including the number of items, royalty payment address, and more);

  • Banner Image (may have a chance to be put on the homepage of Element, usually for a recommendation) ;

4. Click "Submit" to finish.

5. How to get verified?

After you fill in all the information above, please upload your collection information here, and our operating team will contact you as soon as possible or you will be verified directly.

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