Details of listing reward

Element launches a new pending order reward plan NFT traders can obtain token rewards through NFT on listing NFTs on Element.

1. Inclusion criteriaInclusion criteria

  1. Blue chip collection of element certification:

  2. Collection of element official certification cooperation, cooperation application link:

2.Reward period for pending orders

The projects selected for the element pending order award will be awarded for seven days. After seven days, they will be renewed according to the actual situation;

3. How is the reward for pending orders calculated?

1. How to calculate the reward

  • Take a snapshot every 15 minutes according to the natural time and settle the reward

2. Calculation formula

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

  • Reward = basic reward coefficient * pending order price coefficient * aggregate quantity coefficient * floor price coefficient

  • Note: the user can get up to 800 ELE per day

3. Details as follows

1) Basic reward coefficient

The selected projects obtain the basic reward value according to the transaction volume of the project. The higher the transaction volume, the richer the basic reward.

Specifically: after the waiting time exceeds 15 minutes, the transaction volume in the past hour is calculated every 15 minutes

Basic reward rules

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

Volume(ETH)Basic reward




0.002 ELE




0.01 ELE


0.02 ELE


0.05 ELE


0.1 ELE

How to calculate after the rewarding period ends?

  • If the first reward period ends, increase or decrease the period according to the performance of the collection and the specific cooperation situation.

  • Note: if there is no floor price or the collection has just been minted, the basic value of 0.001 ELE will be automatically updated after 15 minutes

2) Listing price coefficient

The closer the NFT price of the Listing to the floor price, the higher the reward multiple.

Details are as follows:

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

Range of Listing price




Listing price ≤ 1.05 Times Floor Price



1.05 Times Floor Price < Listing price ≤ 1.1Times Floor Price



1.1 Times Floor Price< Listing price ≤ 1.15 Times Floor Price



1.15 Times Floor Price < Listing price ≤ 1.2 Times Floor Price



1.2 Times Floor Price < Listing price ≤ 1.25 Times Floor Price



Listing price > 1.25 Times Floor Price


No reward

Every 15 minutes, the first (number of collections/100) orders of the collection will be rewarded and listed from the lowest to the highest according to the price. If the price is the same, it will be listed according to the time.

3) Collection quantity coefficient

For collections with more than 10000 items, Collection quantity coefficient=Basic reward coefficient / (number of items / 10000)

4)loor price coefficient

❗️Content update (UTC 0) 2022 / 09 / 12

Floor price coefficient is added: for projects with floor price lower than 0.01 eth, floor price coefficient is: floor price / 0.01. Balance the rewards of collectibles whose floor prices are too low.

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