Product Updates For 2022/12/05

Important: ProTrade

  • ProTrade is live on collection page for high-level traders, including the data of “tabular listings & sales, trades scatter plot and sell wall”, mean time, enables the trading functions of “buy, cart, and sweep”.

New Function: Bulk List/Edit

  • Bulk List/Edit is to do bulk listings and price change: if the price is increased, the cancellation of last price will be automatically initiated. Find it on “my NFT” page.

New Function: Bulk Cancel

  • Bulk Cancel is for doing bulk cancel listings, instead of a single or all listings at one time. Find it on the “my NFT” page.

New Function: Adjust the price

  • “Adjust the price” is for changing the price of a single NFT. Find it on your NFT listed page.

Add Display: private sell on “Bulk List

  • Page”only limited to Element Ex.

Add Display

  • Add Display: new added “Royalty, listed percent, and ‘15m/1h/24h sales data” on “Collection Page”

Fix the bug

  • Fix the situation when users doing bulk NFT listings, click the cancel button may not cancel all orders.

Optimize interface interactions

  • Purchase, offer, list, cart, and sweep.

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