Element Storm

"Element Storm" is an event initiated by ELE DAO. During the Element Storm activity period, all users can interact through the Element official website to obtain ELE Token airdrops.

Introduction to the Element Storm campaign

1. Event Time

Sept. 5 - Nov.5.

During this period, you can participate in various activities and get rich rewards.

Activity Scope: ETH Chain

2. Description of ELE Token Airdrop from Element Storm

ELE airdrop token issued by Element Storm is the same as OG airdrop. There are some specific token release rules are as follows:

  • Unlock 50% when ELE goes online

  • Remaining 50% linear unlocking in 12 months

3.How to participate in Element Storm

1. Buying&Selling NFT

During the activity, The purchase or sale of NFT at element will be based on the value of NFT,and obtain the corresponding ELE airdrop. Learn more: Details of trades.

2. Listing NFT

During the activity,Listing the NFT of the standard collection in Element, You can get ele airdrop.

Learn more: Details os listing reward.

3. Invite friends

During the activity, invite friends to join Element, You and your friends can get gas subsidies. At the same time, after your friends complete the first purchase, you will also get an additional ELE reward, Learn more: Invite Rebate.

If you are an influential user, you can also participate in our KOL solicitation plan 1.0 to obtain the qualification of invitation rebate. In this way, every friend you invite will receive ELE token airdrop for every transaction. Learn more: Element KOL solicitation plan 1.0.

4.Pre-mint Opportunities

Complete the transaction and get the white list. Coming soon, stay tuned.

5. NFT Airdrop

Complete the transaction and get the airdrop.Coming soon, stay tuned.

6. Quote Offer

The more offers, the more rewards. Coming soon, stay tuned.

7. Like NFT

Like your favorite NFT and get rewards. Coming soon, stay tuned.

4. About cheating

Both ELE Dao and element will have zero tolerance for cheating. Once false transactions or other forms of fraud are found, all ELE airdrops will be canceled

5. Distribution quantity

A maximum of 500000 ele will be distributed every day. After distribution, the remaining rewards will not be distributed.

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