Holiday Mood with Element and Friends

In the spirit of the festive season, Element is thrilled to bring you this campaign with five outstanding projects to share holiday cheer. – 'Holiday Mood with Element and Friends!'

Abundant prize pool giveaway to 174 lucky winners!!


Finish tasks: Dec.22-Jan.8 10am UTC

Winner announcement: Jan. 9

Prize distribution: Jan. 2024

Prize Pool

  • 500 USDT from Element

  • 10,000 Gold Leaves from Reiki

  • 20,000 PuffTown Points from Puffverse

  • 700 USDT worth of $THE from Thena

  • 12 zkPengz NFT from zkPengz

  • 2 OG Pass from TownStory

  • 10 Christmas set from TownStory


Winner 1-50: 10 USDT

Winner 51-60: 1000 Gold Leaves

Winner 61-80: 1000 PuffTown Points

Winner 81-150: 10 USDT worth of $THE

Winner 151-162: 1 zkPengz NFT

Winner 163-172: Christmas Set

Winner 173-174: OG Pass NFT

*Prizes will be distributed in the order of winning.

Co-host Friends and reward pool


Element Market, the first community-driven aggregated marketplace. provides users with high liquidity, lowest transition fee, powerful trading utilities, and intelligent & instant data services.

Reward: 500 USDT for 50 lucky winners


THENA is a next generation community-driven DEX built on BNB Chain, offering multiple ways to earn.

Reward: The rewards are paid in THENA's native token $THE. You can farm with it in THENA's pools, or lock it for revenue sharing. You can also lend it on Alpaca.


TownStory Galaxy is a F2P free Web3 social simulation game developed by exZyngaStudio who made FarmVille. Users can build their own towns in the game and interact with players from all over the world and trade NFTs in the open world. Players will earn governance tokens through social interactions with their friends.

Reward: 2 * OG Pass NFT. As a symbol of the early founding members of TownStoryGalaxy, ‘Centaur City Lord’ enjoys many creative privileges, including airdrop rights, community governance, and tax dividends.

10 * The TownStoryGalaxy Christmas set. The set is a 2023 limited character NFT set that users can dress up in the game.


Reiki is an all-in-one AI agents creation and monetization platform that provides no-code data2bot toolkits and blockchain-powered applications.

Reward: 10*1000 Gold Leaves. Gold Leaves:Points on Reiki, can be exchanged for exciting rewards and airdrops


Puffverse is a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D metaverse that aims to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality in Web 2.

Reward:20*1,000 PuffTown Points

Users could consume PuffTown points to redeem for ample rewards in the Point Shop.


The first onchain collection on ZkSync with the crosschain bridge for NFTs

Reward: 12 * 1 zkPengz NFT. An NFT collection on zkSync, PFPs for now and stay tuned for surprise!

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