'The Crown of Stark' LuckyDraw is coming!

Hi, Starks family!

'The Crown of Stark' #LuckyDraw is coming! We know you've been waiting for it!

Let's light up this Christmas season with warmth and joy! A total of 1040 surprises up for grabs! We'll kick off the Lucky Draw on Dec. 13th 10am UTC! 'The Crown of Stark' NFT holders, just leave your address to join! A snapshot will take place at the end of the event!

Special thanks to our dear partners:@Starknet_id,@briqNFT,@layerswap, and lucky draw platform@taskonxyz.


  • Lucky Draw: Dec. 13 - Dec. 27 10am UTC

  • Snapshot: Dec. 27, 10am UTC

  • Winner Announcement: Dec. 29

  • Award distribution: Jan.

Prize Pool Winner 1-20: get 1 Rare Domain from Starknet id;

Winner 21-40: get 0.05 ETH from Layerswap;

Winner 41-1040: get 1 Briq from Briq;

1040 awards in total. Prizes will be distributed in the order of winning.

This snapshot is only for the lucky draw prize, other rewards like Starknet airdrop and ELE will be distributed later.

Join the Lucky Draw Now:https://taskon.xyz/campaign/detail/26516

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