EPS Staking system is officially launched now! Claim starts at 0 am (UTC) daily

Dear community partners, the #EPS Staking system is now officially launched.Same as EPG, we upgraded the staking system to "Hold to Earn" for everyone so that holders can obtain ELE Airdrop at the lowest cost (no need to interact with Gas on the chain). The specific rules are as follows:

  1. From June 7th to September 14th, each #EPS will receive 18 ELEs per day, and a total of 1800 ELEs will be obtained in 100 days;

  2. #EPS holders do not need to distribute multiple EPSs to multiple addresses; the system will issue ELEs according to the EPS holdings of each address;

  3. The daily claim time of ELE is UTC 0:00, that is, 8:00 am Hong Kong time (The first time to collect ELE is June 7th, 8 AM, HKT);

  4. The system will take a snapshot of the #EPS holder's address and holding quantity before issuing ELE every day. If you operate the transaction within 10 minutes before and after the ELE collecting time (UTC zero), your airdrop result may be affected;

  5. If #EPS holders sell #EPS during the airdrop period, they will not continue to receive ELE;

  6. If the #EPS holder does not receive the ELE issued by the system on the same day, the unclaimed ELE will be accumulated in your waiting quantity until your next collection;

  7. The ELE currently received by #EPS holders are all system points (not live), and the total amount can be checked in "My Account".

Staking Link: https://element.market/staking

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