What is Collection

A collection is a group of NFTs minted under the same contract on chain, like CryptoPunks or Polychain Monsters.

Usually NFTs from same collection share the same attribute types. For example, Polychain Monsters NFTs have a Special attribute. An NFT with Special == YES attributes are very rare and are usually listed on market at very expensive prices.

Element ships with very a powerful advanced filter feature, that helps you find out those rare items within several clicks.

Advanced filter is currently limited to Verified Collections only

Verified Collection

Verified collections are:

  • Reliable, NFTs in the collection are unlikely to be fake;

  • Filter-friendly, you can search and filter them not only in market, but also in your own wallet;

  • Royalty supported, if there is a royalty settings for the collection, each trade on Element follows its settings and distribute royalty to the team.

Verified collections are highlighted on the homepage of Element. And you could browse the full list in the NFT Ranking page.

If you are a member of an NFT collection, get your collection verified via this link please


What is Activity

An activity is an event that happend on the market. Your almost every operation will generate an activity, including Listing, Bidding, and Sale. You can query your own activities in your Profile page, to track NFTs you once sold or bidded.

Another way to use activity is to add the NFT you are interested at into Favorites. You do this by click the Like button of each NFT. All activities related to the NFT you like can be tracked in your Profile page too.

List of Activity Typesction

  • Listing as fixed price

  • Listing price changed

  • Listing cancelled

  • Listing expired

  • Sale as fixed price

  • Sale as auction

  • Sale, buy accept

  • Offer bidded

  • Offer, buy offer

  • Offer expired

  • Offer cancelled

  • Transfer


When your NFT receives an offer or a sale, Element markets will remind you to take a quick look to avoid missing important asset information.

Search and filter NFTs

Element is built in with a very powerful search & filter engine, which could help you find any NFT easily.


At the top of each page is a Search bar where you can:

  • Type collection name (eg Poly) and locate the NFT collection

  • Paste collection’s contract address and locate the NFT collection

  • Type a user’s name and locate the user’s profile

  • Paste a user’s wallet address and locate the user’s profile


You can use the filter in market page, collection page, and user’s profile page.

For a verified collection, the filter should look like below:

In the filter panel, you can select

  • Status, including Fixed Price and Auction;

  • Price, specifying a min-max range;

  • Detailed Attributes, including dates, numbers, types, etc.


Royalty means when an NFT gets sold on our marketplace, a percentage of the sale is distributed back to the creator of the NFT, which is usually the project team itself.

Element has full support for royalties. As it might hurt the community by setting up a royalty too high without valid reasons, projects that meet the following conditions are eligible for royalty distribution.


The Element team continuously check the legality of any new listed NFT contract and its verification status will be displayed as a sign beside its collection name like below:

The verified icon may mean either of the cases below:

  • The contract address of the NFT matches one of the contracts that is created by the NFT project team.

  • The contract of the NFT belongs to its NFT project.

  • The NFT is verified on other famous marketplace as well.

This is to prevent users from buying fake NFTs that are usually created by scammers.

The unverified icon may be displayed for any one of the reasons below:

  • We are unable to determine or contact the project team for this NFT;

  • This NFT’s contract is malformed;

  • This NFT may be fraud or fake;

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