Element-BNBChain 2023 Adventure

Ready jump into 2023? Element with 12 projects on BNBChain offers you an unforgettable holiday event with abundant gifts!! Feel the spirit of New Year in Element New Year Celebration. Feel free to join our 3 events, either of them would get you a chance to win rewards.
Event Partners
AIDAMETA/BabySwap/BabyWealthyClub/BurgerCities/Era7/Lifeform/Liveart/Melody/NAWARAT/Puffverse/Superpower Squad/Yuliverse
Event Time Dec. 27-Jan.3 12am UTC
Event Details and Reward
【New Year Lucky Draw】
Task: Finish tasks to grab your present from 12 superstar projects on BNBChain
Part.1 co-hosts: Era7/Puffverse/AIDAMETA/BurgerCities
Gifts: 15*20U + 20 PuffFootball NFT+50 AIDAMETA NFT + 2 BurgerCities Purple Gen0 Heroes NFT
Part.2 co-hosts: Lifeform/Melody/Nawarat/BabyWealthyClub
Gift:3 Lifeform Avatar+ 3 Melody Mysterybox + 15 Nawarat Slam Dunk NFT + 200 worth of $BRC
Part.3 co-hosts: BabySwap/Superpower Squad/Yuliverse/Liveart
Gift: 400U BABY+10 Superpower Squad Hero NFT+10 Yuliverse Prototype Mystery Box + 20 Liveart Golden Pass
【Winter Sunshine】Task: 1,000 pieces of gifts from Element would drop to trading users during the event (Dec 27-Jan 3). Users who trade the 12 projects’NFTs (at least one) with a volume over 0.1BNB, could get 10 $ELE tokens, Prize pool 10,000 $ELE tokens, first come first serve.
【Ring the Bell】
During the event (Dec 27- Jan 3). Users who trade on Element BNB Chain market in the last 24 hrs could join a lucky draw! Who will get the best reward? Who is the lucky one to ring the bell? Let’s see!!
Dec. 29: PuffFootball NFT * 10
Dec. 30: Lifeform Avatar *2+BurgerCities Purple Gen0 *2
Dec. 31: Melody Mysterybox *2+Nawarat Slam Dunk NFT *15J
an.1: 5 BWC NFT+Superpower Squad Hero NFT *5
Jan.2: $BABY worth 20U *5 + Yuliverse Prototype Mystery Box*5
Jan.3: Liveart Golden Pass* 10 + 20U * 10
*The rewards would be sending after Jan.15th 2023.
*The final interpretation of the event belongs to Element Market.