Element Launchpad Supports

This article is talking about "what is Launchpad" and what kind of services is under this. Let's see if it is gonna help.

1. What is Element Launchpad?

Element Launchpad is the initial launch of an NFT collection empowered by Element. Normally, on the Ethereum chain, we usually talk about it as "Mint" or "Drop", and on other chains, especially when talking about GameFi, we call it "INO". The Launchpad is an initial launching activity Including the initial amount, price, privileges allowlist, public minters, etc.

2. What services you can get from Launchpad?

  • Exclusive Launchpad page for detailed information and buy;

  • Blind Boxes Smart Contract to cover your assets;

  • Third-party connections, including safety, smart contract, market-making team, etc. ;

  • Banner promotion during the launch week;

  • Community connections;

  • AMAs, related to official supports;

3. How long should we prepare for Launchpad?

It will take at least one month since the first touch, and we pay an extremely high review of each project, including the team, design, type, creativity, economics, founding, and marketing plans.

4. How to apply?

  • for "GameFi Launchpad", please fill out your application here;

  • for "not-GameFi Launchpad", please fill out your application here;

5. About the application result

We will deal with each application within 7 days until we receive it. Please stay tuned and contact us for any inquiries here: elementofficial2021@gmail.com.

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