The first NFT launchpad on Ethereum OddOwl Club is launching

OddOwl Club is the community for like-minded NFT frees, backed by Viide.the first decentralized digital billboard network. A bunch of 10000 oddities could lead a tangible web3 lifestyle, building a gate-free and vibing community both on-chain and IRL.
Viide now is holding a variety of web3 digital exhibitions in China city of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. And Viide has lots of consumer & gallery customers needing top-notch NFT showcasing.
To make this more attractive, Viide launched their own NFT project "OOC". Firstly, OOC members are entitled to all the profit from Viide B2B operation such as NFT showcasing, exhibition, advertising, business discounts, and co-drops.

Mint Rule

OG Mint: Dec 21 11.59 am (SGT)- 15:00 pm 0.05ETH
Whitelist: Dec 21 15:00-23:59 0.05ETH
Public : Dec 22 0:00-23;59 0.06ETH