“ELE World Cup” ---Qatar World Cup Prized Guess

d"ELE the World Cup" is a football prize guess activity launched by Element during the "2022 Qatar World Cup". During the "2022 Qatar World Cup", any users who use Element to trade can participate.

1. Activity Time

Pacific Time: Nov. 20, 02:00 AM - Dec.18, 7:00 AM

2. Activity Rules

Element will hold a total of 64 football match guesses during the "2022 Qatar World Cup", including 48 of "group round", 8 of "1/8 final", 4 of "1/4 final", 2 of "semi-final", 1 of "Third place", and 1 of "final". Winners of each guess will share the bonus pool equally. The specific bonus pool rules are as follows:

Note: The unit of the bonus pool is ($ELE), and the total bonus pool is 100,200 $ELE tokens.

3. Guess Time

  • Start Time: 24hs before the match begins;

  • End Time: the guess time ends at the same time when the match begins;

4. Participation Qualifications

  • Users who have traded on Element within 7 days before the start of each guess activity;

  • Designate community permission users;

5. Reward Distribution

After each event, each winner will be airdropped directly to the winner's account by the system, and users can view it through the "My Rewards" account.

6. About the Review of the Winning Transaction Address

In order to encourage real Element users to experience the guessing fun of the "2022 Qatar World Cup", we will check the winning transaction addresses one by one, such as "Sybil Attack". Once cheating is found in the winning address, we will withdraw the account rewards immediately.

Have Fun!

Note: The final interpretation right of the activity belongs to Element.

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