Key Features

This page is designed for introducing key features of Element, including basic trading functions and also pro-ones to make NFT trade more efficient, convenient and saving.

1. Bulk Operations

1) Bulk Purchase
  • Cart: click the item picture and you could directly add it to the cart;
  • Sweep: click the 'sweep mode' button and you may buy at most 24 items at the same time;
Note: no matter how many items you buy at the same time, you only need to sign one time when the wallet is doing an on-chain trading procession.
2) Bulk Listing
3) Bulk Cancel
  • Cancel some listings:
  • Cancel all listings:
4) Bulk Price changing

2. Change the 0n-Sale Price

  • Change single listing price:
  • Increase the price:
  • Lower the price:

3. Data Analysis

  • Collection Description:
  • Sell Wall:
  • Trades scatter plot:
  • Ranking:

4. Pro-Trade