The First Shoot: Element opBNB Market Live Event!


To celebrate the opBNB mainnet and Element opBNB Market going live, we are thrilled to introduce “The First Shoot” event, offering users a unique opportunity to acquire a free NFT through users exploring the Element opBNB market.

Event Description

During the event, users who finish the following task on the Element opBNB market will be eligible to mint a free NFT 「The First Shoot」.
  • Buy 1 NFT on Element opBNB Market.
  • List 1 NFT on Element opBNB Market.
Start exploring :

Rewards Distribution

Users can mint a free NFT 「The First Shoot」at the end of the event.
Each NFT would get potential rewards distribution.
Mint link: TBD
Please follow @Element_Market on Twitter to get the latest information.


  • Event Time: Sep.13 — Sep.27
  • Claim Reward: Oct.9 — Oct.20